Santana is my favorite guitarist.  When I hear him play his music, I could feel my spirit soars!
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All About Lemon
Come and join the fun and tag along with us!

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They are everywhere
They are among us
We eat and play with them
Even they bug us
Still we adore them

This thought is funny
But we look around us
We belong to this family
A cliche this may just?
Though it's in our curiosity

Where all the flying monkeys gone?
Have you seen one?
If you do, be warned
Always be with good ones

A myth, perhaps?
But choose the best  ones
And please, no whines
I bet you theyre all like us.

I miss you so  dearly...
Fly away up high
Have fun roaming the sky

And when you come by
Be home near me.


Blue Heart

It’s Valentine’s Day
Color red is in and hot
Must everyone is ready
To have a sweetheart

But in this Valentine
Blue Heart is mine
Pulse rate is low
And no longer glow

Last drug failed to work on me
I fear it's gonna be over
But even, you stay with me
Exposing little red left under

Truly you are a love giver
My Blue Heart will soon recover
Happy Valentine’s Day, 
my  dear lover!

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